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Register now online www. Come watch our Indian-Contemporary Dance show this weekend! June 17th 8pm June 18th 6: If you haven't bought your tickets yet! Make sure to get them now! Will walks towards the door but pauses before he leaves. Pillsbury walks up to Santana handing her a pamphlet about grief and several other pamphet's too. Santana thinks to herself that Ms. Pillsbury must have a pamphlet for everything. Santana turns around to Puck and Mike, and she motions for them to leave. Brittany doesn't understand what's happening.

Its like the time her goldfish when on holidays as her parents said. She confused to why Mike's dad would make Mike cry by going away without him. She asked a few other glee club members what does dead mean, but none of them had the heart to tell her its when you lose someone forever. It was only when she heard Kurt says poor Mike will never see his Dad again just like Kurt would never see him mother and Coach Slyvester wouldn't see her sister again, Brittany finally put two and two together… When she did she wished she didn't because she started crying for her friend.

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Puck, Santana and Mike had arrived at Mike's big empty house. Mike had fallen asleep from mental exhaustion. Puck carried Mike from his truck to his house while Santana unlocked the door. Once inside Santana motioned for Puck to follow her. Puck walked up the stairs after Santana with Mike still asleep in his arms.

They arrived at Mike's room. They had managed to slip Mike into his bed and were just about to leave when they heard Mike's voice. Puck and Santana return to the bed and silently slip in beside Mike who one again clings unto Puck. Puck makes a mental joke that this is the first time he's shared a bed with a guy and the first time he's shared a bed with Santana and it didn't lead to sex. Santana must have heard the mental joke because she returned a smile to Puck, who resisted the urge not to laugh and risk waking up the Asian dancer.

So the two just lay there with their friend to keep him company during this lonely and scary time, because right now all Mike had was his friends as for the rest of his family, they were at the other side of the world, currently unaware of the tragedy that occurred in Lima Ohio.

When I originally had this story in mind, it just featured Puck and Mike as the main characters, but I love Santana so I wrote her into the story. I am also working on a few new stories, one for iCarly, Angel and the Suite Life series.

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I will also be updating my Big Time Rush stories so keep an eyes out. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After Mike suffers a terrible loss, he loses his composure in front of everyone. Puck and Santana are there to piece the broken dancer back together. Page break "Mike what are you doing here?

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  6. The old grey teacher asks. What are you doing here? Do you mind not yelling at my student? Sue stares at Mike in shock and everyone around is silent except one Jacob Ben Israel. They had managed to slip Mike into his bed and were just about to leave when they heard Mike's voice "Please, please don't leave me again" Mike mutters in his sleep.

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    The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. You shift, you slide, you run, you hide You can't escape your faith tonight It's happening, it's happening, what you want And you suffer from it I'm, I'm a broken dancer On my feet tonight Oh, I'm, I'm a broken dancer On my feet tonight, oh We, we are so easily Divided by what we want Oh, we are so easily Divided by what we want Oh, I'm, I'm a broken dancer On my feet tonight Oh, I'm, I'm a broken dancer On my feet tonight, oh Broken By the hour I hope you're with me.

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