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It does mine, so the first way we can take up our cross is to bend down in humble submission to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and take our cross. It is only after this that we can follow Him.

4 Ways We Can Take Up Our Cross And Follow Christ - Faith in the News

Just click the blue button to get started. Our own cross is unique to us. Some of your family and friends will embrace this, but most will not. For other believers around the world, it could be the millions of who are being held prisoner and suffering torture or deprivation for the cause of Christ. That is what carrying the cross is.

Carrying the cross is not having the washing machine break down, getting a flat tire, having someone take your parking space, or having a really bad day. It has nothing to do with everything going wrong, but being willing to suffer shame for the sake of our Lord. Did you catch that? I find that incredible, but when Jesus calls you in Person, I suppose you follow…even immediately!

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For us, we follow Him by following His teachings and following what He commands the church to do Matt I cried because I wanted to believe that in spite of all the pain and brokenness in this world, love is more powerful and forgiveness runs deeper. Those tears were a sign of compassion for myself. This is what it means to bear your cross.

How can you tell whether you are carrying a cross or a ball and chain?

If you are struggling with the idea of carrying a certain cross of compassion for others, reflect on these simple questions. Then prayerfully search for the next step forward in cross-bearing. At first glance, that may look like a huge wooden burden we are supposed to drag around on our backs.

But when I think about bearing our crosses as disciples, I think those crosses start out small.

What Does It Mean to Take Up Our Cross?

They are as small as a seed of compassion for others. When we pick up that seed and plant it, compassion grows into something more beautiful and powerful than we ever could have imagined. Compassion moves us to step into the fearful places where we worry and despair. As they seed of compassion takes root in our lives, it allows us to give and receive love so that we become more loving disciples.

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This is what our daily commitment to bearing our cross is like. It is not about carrying some horrible burden. It is about falling in love. As we allow the seed of compassion to flourish in our lives, filling our hearts with love for God, our neighbor, and ourselves we find that we are growing into the disciple we were meant to be. Our journeys with crosses start small and then grow into something beautiful. Bearing our crosses is not about doom and gloom for us. On the contrary, our daily commitments should bring us joy and gratitude.

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Our crosses should also produce deep gratitude for the things that mean the most in our lives. They should remind us what we are willing to bear for the sake of love.