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Also with enhanced EI competency the empathy will be more pronounced, and he can give individualized consideration to his followers. The model is depicted pictorially in the following diagram. Having reviewed a considerable number of papers, it is observed that TL has definite positive correlation with EI barring few exceptions.

Emotional Intelligence Key to Effective Leadership

As per various studies carried out in varied environments reveal that emotionally competent leaders at various levels of management are more successful in their organization and they are able to transform the people and work culture by their individual personality traits and inspirational motivating power. Some of the inferences are listed below:.

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Open in a separate window. Some of the inferences are listed below: EQ is critical to TL. Four dimensions, which comprise TL behavior are idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual simulation, and individualized consideration.

Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great -- UC Davis Executive Leadership Program

Transformational leaders are frequently motivated to go beyond the call of duty for the benefit of their organization. Transformational behaviors of leaders promote empowering cultural norms, high levels of subordinate motivation, commitment to quality and enhanced productivity. Transformational leaders feel excited, enthusiastic and energetic, thus energize their followers. Transformational leaders use strong emotions to arouse similar feelings in their followers through EI competency.

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The Science behind Emotional Intelligence

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Support Center Support Center. When teams become more engaged, work feels very different for employees. According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, the ability to be an emotionally intelligent leader is based on 19 competencies in four areas: They are self-confident and have strong executive presence and the ability to control their feelings, moods and emotional impulses. S elf-management enables leaders to think before taking action.

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They react to situations positively. Think of answering the phone with a smile. They have a strong desire to attain goals with energy and determination. They have the organizational awareness to see current and future issues. As leaders, they use their EQ to understand what their employees feel and want. Relationship management involves guiding and motivating with a compelling vision.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are influencers, using a range of tactics to persuade, convince or impact others to convince them to support their agenda. Leaders with emotional intelligence are equipped to handle conflicts and provide resolution to develop a more effective workplace. High-EQ leaders benefit the organization.

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They create a motivating, optimistic atmosphere. The positive climate that EQ creates enhances productivity and adaptability. People are comfortable sharing ideas, learning from each other and making collaborative decisions. They care for their emotional welfare. High-EQ leaders set the tone for their organizations.

They get things done.