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English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Thick gray smoke loomed overhead, a gaseous vapor of fumes and spent chemicals. Roiling blue flames danced near the end of a supply line.

A thin stream of coolant trickled from a tube close by. The air was filled with the constant sputter of fire and steam. Had even trained for this kind of event in the Corp, alongside many others, each vying for that all-so-desired position within the Red Brigade…. Sparks showered down like orange-hued fireflies as a metal beam dropped from the ceiling, then got caught on debris before dropping down upon her. She rolled to the side to wait for the smoke to clear.

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As she lay, she spotted a row of cylinders lined up along the far wall. Dark etchings of flame revealed swollen, burnt fingers that were seared to the interior of the glass. She took another look at the litter and debris scattered about, the pitiful remains of a once solid transfer vessel, and instinctively ran through the schematics—it was one of the perks of being an ex-soldier.

She slunk forward, bit by bit, away from the light, fingers drifting across the warm metal surfaces for balance until she reached the end.

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Sweat rolled into her eyes. She smoothed it away, into the stubble of her semi-shaved head—another grand reminder of her recent incarceration—before examining the opposite wall. Squatting, she inspected the meager bounty: Not much, yet she still snatched it up before moving to the next.

Just as she went to pull out a hooded cloak, the smoke whirled about her. An abrupt motion not caused by wind, but by movement. Slipping back behind one of the cryotubes, she dropped to the floor and stared down the metal grating. Sighing, she relaxed until her attention drifted down to the small insignia tattooed into the back of her hand.

Hiding her womanhood would be easy enough, but that mark—the mark of a soldier—would identify her as no other. But now, as she lay in the midst of this destroyed vessel, she wondered if giving up her life and losing her heart in the process had really been the right thing to do.

Terrakis Five: A Brigadier's Soul by Dehanna Bailee

They would not even engage in violence for self-preservation and showed no curiosity about the Dalek City or its inhabitants. After a particular bad year for crops, the Thals were forced to move to the Petrified Forest near the Dalek City in order to look for food. Ian Chesterton, a companion of the Doctor, used moral blackmail to force the Thals, Alydon into particular, into putting together an expedition into the Dalek City in order to fight against the Daleks who intended genocide against the Thals.

The Thals invaded the Dalek City, cut off the power, and so deprived the Daleks of the static electricity they needed to live. In , the Doctor and Jo Grant met a taskforce of Thals on Spiridon where a small group, led by Taron, had landed to destroy a Dalek army massed on that planet.

The Thals had, by then, reclaimed Skaro. They had only recently developed spaceflight, and the mission to Spiridon was the furthest they had ever gone; Earth was unknown to them, believed to be simply part of the Doctor legend.

The Thals were said to have relocated to another homeworld, sometime before the Renegade-Imperial Dalek civil war. In their absence, the Doctor had Skaro destroyed. In reality, a decoy world named Antalin had been destroyed.