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The interesting turn here is that we meet the killer as fast as we meet Stella, and while his identity never being in question at least to the viewer could have been a downfall of the show, the cat-and-mouse dynamic that emerges from it is palpably nail-biting. Fast talking, hilarious and very non-nonsense, she is one of those characters you wish existed on every show.

The six episode arc of Final Season 4 was produced exclusively for Netflix. Robertson takes the lead as a gritty, no-nonsense single Mom, a role a miles away from her roots, and the supporting cast James Cromwell, Richard Schiff, Steven Weber make it a surprisingly solid offering for a mainstream American TV show.

They are a bunch of mysoginistic, set-in-their-ways assholes and now have to contend with a woman being their boss, which 11 seasons in has somehow still not been something they fully adjusted to. NOT for the squeemish. The Big Exoneration (): Dennis Sanchez: Books

Hulu, Instant Netflix, Amazon Prime. Christmas Special now on PBS. Brilliant, beautiful, and with a genuinely evil glint in her eye, her sparring with Luther walks the thin line between danger and flirtation, as something reminiscent of a friendship emerges. You have to see it to believe it. And then probably re-see it. Instant Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. GEORGE GENTLY -In the s, an old-school detective is paired with a potentially shady new partner and has to come to terms with the fact that the lines between the police and the criminals have tentatively been blurred.

The novels were terrific and it only seemed natural that a mini-series series was in order. Jason Isaacs is great as Brodie, and while the plotlines never really reach the literary heights Atkinson set us up for, it is still a noble contribution to the genre. Read the books though.

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The town is turned upside down, tensions run sky high, EVERYONE is a suspect, and the amount of secrets that emerge are headspinning enough by themselves, while the final reveal is both heartbreaking and incredibly human. Instant Netflix Both seasons now. Over 33 episodes, he solves some seriously grisly crimes in Oxford, a city he once denounced after university, and for whose academic residents he harbors a healthy mix of complete disdain and occasional reverence.

Since Morse is pretty hard to handle by himself, the viewer was handed the smart but affable Inspector Lewis as his sidekick, who later got a show of his own which I personally prefer to Morse and a young, intellectual, tortured partner all his own. The reasons are as follows: Peter Boyd, the head detective of the Cold Case Squad played by Trevor Eve is one of the gruffest, most unpleasant, completely untactful human beings to ever be on the small screen even several seasons in, his interview bedside manner made me want to cover my face more often than the murders themselves , and the murders, well the murders involve some true unsavoriness, from raping a girl and having her 9 year old brother watch and then throwing them both of a bridge to psychiatric hospitals with secret gravesites to awful child abuse scenarios, it is all here.

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Instant Netflix but not all of them , Hulu all of them. Tony Hill a psychologist who finds himself entangled in some seriously gruesome crimes and even more gruesome people behind them. There are six seasons and the first episode of season 1 perfectly sets the tone for just how unsavory these crimes are going to be.

The fact that Dr.

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Branagh has a certain kind of water colored torture permanently imprinted on his face that makes him perfect for the recently divorced, very sad, yet emotionally disconnected detective he plays. The crimes are typically Scandinavian meaning decidedly more creepy than your standard American fare and the villains a little more desperate than usual, but the cinematography is GORGEOUS, Branagh obviously a very intelligent actor and the sum of all parts makes for a good rainy afternoon with a hot toddy viewing.

Season 2 deals with the Brothers Kray, and season 3 is less focused on obvious sensationalist cold cases and therefore, to me, the most effective. Miss Fisher is played by Essie Davis who is uncannily reminiscent of a young Diana Rigg, a fact that should not be lost of at least some of the men reading this I hope.

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It sounds hokey, but it is truly dark, wonderfully acted, and heartbreaking from a certain feminist standpoint too. Final season is now finally available. For Poirot completists though, please check out the Peter Ustinov movies too: Then, of course, there is Miss Marple. The likes of Colin Firth, and other British stage and screen mainstays pop-up, sealing in the prestige of the production. The show equivalent of your favorite low fuss dinner-always satisfying, never too demanding.

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Instant Netflix and AcornTV. Nothing supernatural happening here necessarily, but it is all the more deeply, profoundly disturbing for it. Agent Cooper is truly the only purely good leading man that is also not boring at all. Just think about it. We, as the viewer, always knew who the killer was from the very beginning because they WOULD show it to us , but watching Columbo get his man or woman, or both was never any less fun because of it. People enjoy making fun of it in a sort of a well meaning, loving way, naturally but think about it-this is a smart, funny, wink-worthy, wildly popular TV carried on the shoulders of not a young actress or some hunk-o-the-month, but a charming, life-loving, cocktail drinking, slightly saucy middle-aged widow, something that yes, has been a staple of British TV for a while and Lansbury herself played Miss Marple on occasion but almost unheard of on American TV.

Plus, the cases are almost gleefully delicious. A perfect murder mystery to relax to before going to sweet, sweet slumber. This unusual detective novel features a contemporary Inspector attempting to exonerate the long-dead Richard III—basically on a hunch, at least at the beginning. An immersive, atmospheric novel in which a killer stalks through the pea-soup fog of London. But of course—one of my favorite crime novels of all time, featuring the endlessly fascinating, terrifyingly devious Tom Ripley, an antihero for the ages.

Not your typical crime novel by any stretch—but it certainly involves a crime, a murder even, and a murderer who is eventually revealed.

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Emma Lathen, Murder Against the Grain Rendell is a master, and this novel—which pits a reclusive psychopath against the graduate student studying reclusive psychopaths who has just moved in downstairs—is one of her best. But of course, things are more complicated than they seem. A masterpiece of suspense. Murder, bacchanalia and mayhem staged by Greek majors at a small Vermont college.

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  6. The titular character of this novel—which won both an Edgar and a Macavity Award—is an obese woman in jail for the horrific murder of her mother and sister, and famous for the way she re-molded their bodies after their death and the wax figures she makes compulsively in prison. But when a journalist takes an interest in her story, she finds that not everything is as it seems. This novel begins with a premise worthy of the Romanovs: Abbott is one of our greatest contemporary crime writers, and she consistently takes girlhood as her subject—endlessly mysterious and, er, violent as it can be.