Manual Do You Want to Go to Jail Today?

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Rules on whether transgender prisoners go to male or female jails to be reviewed

View All Photos Training Day Quotes Jake: I told you that's my evidence, do you want to go to jail or do you want to go home? King Kong ain't got shit on me!

You gotta be a wolf to catch a wolf. You wanna go to jail or you wanna go home? It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. This is a newspaper right? That's why I read it because it entertains me.

10 Tips to Avoid Facebook Jail or Being Blocked by Facebook

YOU won't let me read it, so you entertain me with your bullshit. Tell me a story right now, go In the gas chambers. You know what the gas chambers smell like? That's where you headed, pine oil heaven. You know where you gonna end up? Who the fuck you think you're fucking with!

How prison changes people

I run shit here, you just live here! You'll never see the light of I'm the police, I run shit around here.

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  • After Christmas?

You just live here. King Kong ain't got shit on me. You made the decision. Live with your decision. Ain't like I put a gun to your head. I told ya'll I don't work for nobody.

Save time managing all your Instagram accounts from one place

However, the concrete application is as follows: Other types of behavior that you should avoid are: If you want to mention someone, you can do so in the comments below. All these rules are directly linked to common sense, basically, because nobody likes to be tagged in a photo that they have nothing to do with. Reading each item of the Help section of Facebook can put you to sleep immediately or just be plain confusing. There are a number of behaviors on Facebook that, besides being annoying to everyone , can threaten the very existence of your account.

Here we review the online behaviors that act as non-stop tickets to Facebook Jail. In other words, try to connect only with people who could actually recognize you. She also recommends not promoting your business on the business pages of other users , not as a post, nor as a comment. These are unethical behaviors and the account managers of those accounts will NOT hesitate to mark you as spam. If you ever detect such behavior by one of your contacts, the first thing you should do is to block them from your page.

You can also visit their personal profile and individually report them by clicking the button with the three little dots. Finally, you can contact Facebook to explain what happened, by using institutional links available at the bottom of the page. This is not only to avoid being detected as SPAM, but also to control traffic information on Facebook which would collapse if all users do too many things in too short of time.

Professional Community Managers recommend a maximum of daily publications in the biography itself. The idea is to provoke them to visit your website, where there they can learn more about your project if and when they want to. On the other hand, Francesca Esposito-Rose suggests posting your own business page two to three times a week. She also notes that this varies from industry to industry and business to business.

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She also advises to experiment to find out the ideal frequency of responses according to each audience. This is a very cool tip, as it ensures a warm welcome to new followers who wish to join your ranks. It basically assures that users can find out who you are by just looking at the information section of your page or biography. That way, people will have some information about you, which will make them feel comfortable interacting with you.

A really good paragraph in the about section is usually enough of a kicker to get them to like your page. This will help welcome new users and will finish convincing potential followers.