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They had a Top 40 hit in late with the song "Uh-oh". The Squirrels preceded the Chipmunks on television in an animated cartoon but had less success.

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After the Chipmunks' initial success in , plans were almost immediately made to make them into an animated cartoon series. Unfortunately, there were some initial art direction snags specifically with the character designs and the show was delayed. This gap resulted in a race between the Chipmunks and an imitative group created by jazz musicians Don Elliott and Granville "Sascha" Burland, which they called the Nutty Squirrels.

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Both musical groups featured the defining sped-up voices, but Ross Bagdasarian Sr. Ultimately, the Squirrels made it to television first, in the animated series The Nutty Squirrels Present appearing in September , but they were not as popular as the originals.

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I explained to my friend that we would attempt to return to San Carlos, but that if it was too squirrely , we'd pick another local airport and he'd need to find transportation back to San Carlos airport. He quickly grew concerned, though, as the winds were getting squirrely and starting to swirl. A pleasant surprise is the lack of muzzle flip; many pistols this small get squirrely , especially on fast doubles.

Honor Defense's compact 9mms might make you consider a new brand of carry gun. The front of the car gets a little bit squirrely over bumps as you accelerate, but never gets out of hand. So why would anyone in the 21st century hunt with such squirrely rifles? Make it a double: Login , Register , Login instantly with Facebook.

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That dude is so fucking squirrely. Most vulgar Your vote: JavaScript must be enabled to vote. Most vulgar Where is this slang used?

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